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Natural Gas Appliances in Montréal


Choosing a natural gas system is a practical, wise and ecological choice. With an appropriate control strategy, you can easily regulate the heat flow of your building, adjusting the temperature of some rooms while maintaining the quality and freshness of the ambient air. 

Call the experts at G.N.C.V. inc. to:

  • Increase the lifespan of your devices
  • Ensure optimal performance of your boiler room
  • Optimize gas consumption

We'll help you get the most out of your investment while ensuring a better comfort!

Natural gas heating, Montreal

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Natural gas heating, Montreal

Whether your equipment is used for heating and/or producing hot water, our technicians can solve your problems and optimize the operation of your appliances regardless of brand or design.

Whether old or new, we can handle all makes and models of equipment

Our technicians can handle heating devices of more than 30 years as well as the more recent ones. 

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Founded in 2000, our company has over 17 years of experience in natural gas heating.

Recognized expertise

Our technicians have qualifications issued by Emploi-Québec


We offer a comprehensive range of services for your BBQ, pool heating, residential air conditioning and commercial oven.