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Myth #1

"Because the combustion of natural gas is clean and safe, no adjustments or inspections are required on the appliances.”

When a gas burner is properly fixed (as per standard procedure), the combustion products are water vapour and carbon dioxide, molecules that are not life-threatening.

However, combustion quality depends on various factors, both mechanical and environmental, that can change over time. A minimum annual maintenance helps verify and validate these various aspects. Additionally, burners supplied by a fan requires an analysis or combustion test during installation and maintenance in order to validate and/or correct critical parameters, while providing information on the boiler's operational status. Why is that?

  • To avoid the production and dispersion of carbon monoxide throughout the building
  • To ensure optimum combustion efficiency
  • To reduce the frequency of failure associated with mechanical components

Myth #2

Here's another popular rumour in the field.

Highly efficient natural gas boilers do not require maintenance due to their advanced technologies and clean combustion. 

It is true that the new appliances are equipped with more efficient exchangers, but this improved efficiency depends on several factors, including the condition of the boiler room, the compatibility of the current system with the appliance, the "critical" circulation of the heat transfer fluids in the exchanger, the ease of condensation flow (condensing appliance) and combustion control, etc.

It is therefore necessary to provide a maintenance that is adapted to the technology of the boilers. An annual internal inspection is required for maximum efficiency and a durability corresponding to the investment made.

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